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Constantly monitoring scientific and technological developments, our labs create the products that bring our clients added value. For example, when it comes to maintenance work on professional or domestic buildings, there are always leaks to plug and sealing to complete. Basing ourselves on this need, we created a bituminous aerosol coating, free from toxic products, that creates a totally waterproof and airtight film that can be painted.

A major advantage of our Group’s Research: formulas remain “open”; they are constantly being perfected to incorporate the latest discoveries while at the same time anticipating future regulatory changes.


The permanent link between our sales, marketing and R&D teams strengthens our ability to analyse and characterise our clients’ needs, which enables us to develop appropriate solutions responding entirely to market expectations while minimising supply times and remaining economically competitive.


Our priorities are product effectiveness and safety, strictness of procedures and traceability, and respect of regulatory requirements. A team of experts with complementary skills (chemists, formulators, quality officers, regulatory attachés, etc.) is tasked with guaranteeing safe use of products for consumers.

A battery of tests systematically validates all the product’s performances, in terms of effectiveness, stability and safety.

A system of complementary methods ensures total control over the product during the preparation, production and packaging phases.


We develop and offer solutions on our markets with the product lifecycle and its environmental impact at the forefront of our minds. What could be better than using the forces of nature to increase effectiveness even further while offering more environmentally friendly products?

We launched a new range of products incorporating beneficial microorganisms, for maintenance on toilets, pipework, grease traps and more. These bacteria, carefully selected from nature and totally harmless to living things, release enzymes that naturally break down stains, dirt and other sources of unpleasant odours. What’s more, these microorganisms never stop and can continue working for weeks!


Our three R&D labs are equipped with modern, reliable equipment and are committed to an Open Innovation approach enabling them to rely on a network of technical skills on a global scale. This means our brands can continue to make a difference in all geographic areas thanks to innovations with obvious added value. We have tasked ourselves with providing all users across the globe with the best that innovation has to offer in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety, meeting an infinite variety of needs in professional hygiene and industrial processes worldwide.