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1968: Creation of ORAPI (Office de Recherche et d’Application de Produits pour l’Industrie) ORAPI marketed only special lubricants

1993: Factory built in Lyon (France) and R&D lab created

1995: International division established

1998: Acquisition of Canadian company RELEASALL based in Montreal
Implementation of a strategy aimed at setting up distribution subsidiaries throughout the world

2000 : Orapi Group stock becomes publicly listed
Acquisition of British company PRONATUR and the SPECTRACOLOR brand

2002: Acquisition of the DEGRYP-OIL brand and aerosol packaging technology
Acquisition of the Scandinavian (Finnish-Swedish) company NORMAX

2003 : Pursuit of ICG’s integration in Atlanta (USA)
ICG takeover in Singapore
Creation of ORAPI Italia

2005: Acquisition of Lyon-based companies LUPROTEC and Laboratoires MEYSSOL

2006: Acquisition of the APPLIED CHEMICALS Group entities in Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) and in Europe Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Norway)

2007: Acquisition of the UK factory GRAMOS APPLIED (Smethwick, Birmingham)
Acquisition of DACD (Valence-France)

2008: Acquisition of CHIMIOTECHNIC (Lyon-France)
Acquisition of Laboratoires GARCIN BACTINYL
Acquisition of the PROVEN Group (Nice-France)

2010: Acquisition of PHEM Technologies (Paris – France)
Acquisition of CREST (Toronto-Canada)

2011: Acquisition of TOP HYGIENE (France)
Acquisition of the TRANSNET brand (France)

2012: Acquisition of ARGOS HYGIENE (France)

2013: Acquisition of Raynaud Hygiène and Caral (France)

2014: Acquisition of Hexotol (France)

2015: Acquisition of Pro Hygiène Service (PHS - France)