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Historical activity of the ORAPI Group, the PROCESS division brings together all the high-tech consumables required for the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and machinery. It covers all activities related to the industry (nuclear, agro-food, ironworks, refinery ...), Transport (aeronautics, railways, heavy vehicles, public works, etc.), local authorities, agriculture ... The division is based on 3 strong and complementary brands: ORAPI PROCESS, TRANSNET and CALFLUID. Each of them is committed to meet professionals’ expectations by creating innovative products and adapting themselves to the constant evolution of technologies and materials.

A wide range of product solutions dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and machinery in the industry, recognized in France and internationally.

This complete range of ORAPI PROCESS products aims to satisfy the needs and solve the problems of small and large companies in 5 areas:

To Penetrate & Release
To Clean
To Lubricate
To Assemble
To Protect

With more than 2500 references, our objective is to provide manufacturers with solutions that facilitate their work, space their periods of intervention, protect and extend the lifespan of their materials and machines.

A range of products dedicated to washing professional and light vehicles.

As a specialist in cleaning and maintenance products for all transport vehicles, the TRANSNET brand offers innovative and technical solutions in the fields of washing, renovation and disinfection. With a complete range that complies with the latest regulations, TRANSNET references allow optimum results for cars, public transport as well as for heavy goods vehicles (including food transport) and public works (tar removers, non-stick ...).

Tar removing

A range dedicated to heat transfer fluids for better control of temperature.

CALFLUID heat transfer fluids allow maximum heat transfer without risk for the systems. They carry cold as well as heat, and they protect from the cold. Our heat transfer fluids are specially formulated according to their use thanks to their different crystallization points (Concentrate, 25, 20, 15, 10). They are used in the following fields of application:

heating, plumbing, geothermal
air conditioning, industrial groups
storage, agro-food industry, pharmaceutical industry
vinification and disgorgement
fire protection