Group responsibilites

Social commitments

Our philosophy: support
employees, promote their development
and develop their performance

Employees are the main assets of the company and the Human Resources are the heart to guiding them. To give perspective, this is first to enable everyone to understand its role in the ORAPI Group and be aware of its impact on the organisation and performance and the full play.
It also strengthen employee commitment to the values and culture of our company, develop proactive behaviour , encourage initiatives while endeavouring to promote a positive climate and manage all of our processes.
This is to develop our employees by creating opportunities, supporting their career within the Group, developing training and always encouraging international mobility. Everyone should be fully aware of its role, what benefits it brings to the company and what it represents in terms of costs.
Guiding the employee is a commitment manager. Its role is paramount. Communication with all international managers became a true managerial repository of ORAPI. Promoting fairness, with a simple set of rules and common sense, as well as friendly and accessible information systems contributing to greater unity within the ORAPI Group.