Directors message


A long term vision

To ensure its development, Orapi is built on research and Worldwide development, a unique brand portfolio held by distribution channels and integrated industrial production.
Through our acquisitions, the Groups brand portfolio is constructed to cover the entire pro industrial hygiene and maintenance sectors, with one objective : to meet the needs of each user.
By combining know how and expertise, Orapi allows its brands to develop and seize new opportunities both in France and abroad to contribute to future growth.
We will continue to pursue a policy of targeted and strategic acquisitions. Their role is essential in the construction of the Group as they build tomorrow's natural growth, and contribute to the vitality and quality of our portfolio of brands.



Managing Director

Ambitious actions represent the values of ORAPI group

In less than two decades we have multiplied by 20 in order to place the Group in the top ranks of pro hygiene and industrial maintenance manufacturers in Europe.
We are guided by the belief that large scale economies, innovation and service are integral to our business model, since we will deliver economic performance and steady financial improvement.
To create value for our targeted areas in France and abroad, we are enrolled in a sustainable growth path.
Major integration projects of our acquisitions, control of our production and the targeted positioning of our brands will act as additional new levers on our results.
Our teams are ready to meet these challenges, Orapi Group in motion that has fixed its ambition on exceptional talents !
Together we will go further to spread our « Orapi Touch » with passion to bring our expertise in all our markets.

siège orapi lyonGroup headquarter in Lyon Saint-Vulbas