Our values

Strong values that allow us to move towards an ever more beautiful and powerful future.


Respect is our philosophy. It should lead us all to appreciate the value of others, to consider all internal and external stakeholders of the Group: employees, suppliers, consumers, distributors, competitors ...


As it combines creativity, determination and bias, audacity is driving innovation and success. For us to be bold is to believe in the human and his imagination. Is to open new avenues, be where you are not expected. It is constantly reinventing itself. This is pushing the limits of science. It is surprising and daring undertaking.


The ORAPI Group consists of passionate men and women, motivated by a desire to be the best in their respective markets, engaged in a process of continual improvement. All share the need for quality, a sense of excellence, the taste of the efficacy and desire to succeed


Our brands engage in sustainability. We have the unique know how to create brands. Our approach is responsible, thoughtful in terms of sustainable development. We always try to anticipate the long term impact of our decisions, environmentally friendly products and packaging, to adopt a responsible approach.