Our missions

Since the early 70s, the ORAPI Group has been dedicated to its two unique and complementary businesses: pro industrial hygiene and maintenance.

Pro hygiene and maintenance are universal

ORAPI has a mission to provide its worldwide users with the most innovative hygiene and maintenance products, in terms of efficacy and safety whilst responding to a wide range of needs and protocols throughout the world.

Pro hygiene and maintenance is a science

Since its formation, the group pushes the boundaries of knowledge. Its unique research allows it to constantly explore new territories and inventing products for the future by adapting to hygiene and maintenance protocols worldwide.

Pro hygiene and maintenance is a commitment

To enable access to products, to mobilising its innovative strength in order to preserve the environment and the planet, and to support communities that surround it. Giving many demanding challenges, sources of inspiration and creativity for ORAPI.

ORAPI, service pro hygiene and maintenance for all

Based on the diversity of its teams, the richness and complementarity of its brand portfolio, ORAPI has universalised its pro hygiene and maintenance project for years to come