TRANSNET offers innovative solutions and technology to clean and maintain all that move

In 2010, ORAPI Maintenance acquired the TRANSNET range of products. These products are detergents used to clean and maintain everything that moves: cars, trucks, buses, trains, subways, airplanes, public works equipment ...

In its capacity as product specialist for cleaning and maintenance of all vehicles, TRANSNET offers innovative technical solutions both in the field of cleaning, renovation and disinfection. With a full range of products at its capacity, meeting current regulations, TRANSNET gives optimal results for both vehicle and other methods of transport including heavy goods vehicles for food processing.

The acquisition of CARAL

CARAL reinforces the TRANSNET division by providing product lines dedicated to Public Works, particularly in the road surfacing industry, for bituminous mixtures, cement ...
In addition, CARAL provides a compliment that allows the TRANSNET CARAL division to offer a full range of technical products for the maintenance of vehicles but also for workshops, industry and logistics.

TRANSNET is available to national and international markets

Present in France and abroad, the TRANSNET CARAL division, provides the means to its objectives. With a new logo, the integration of CARAL and a catalogue with almost all references to the range, TRANSNET CARAL increases its notoriety in Europe (Poland, France, Czech Republic ...) including taking significant shares in the field of washing light vehicles with a growth of over 30% in this sector.

The trust of our customers as much international as in France allow the division TRANSNET CARAL be placid about its development.
Indeed, by focusing its research and commercial growth to related areas such as Public Works and facilitating trade and communication between the different branches of the division, the shared needs, will allow to accelerate the price of shares in the market.