Industrial maintenance division

Historical activity of ORAPI Group, in particular the MAINTENANCE division focuses on two strong complementary brands. To dismantle, clean, lubricate, protect and paste are the watchwords for ORAPI PROCESS MAINTENANCE.

Meanwhile the TRANSNET range includes CARAL which includes detergents for washing and cleaning vehicles.

This comprehensive range of ORAPI products aims to meet the needs and solve the problems in five areas, both in the business maintenance services, in consulting firms to integrate their processes.

Indeed, our masters and our expertise in tribology, adhesive and cleaning, allow us to visit all types of businesses: small, medium and large ... crafts aeronautics ...

All companies may be interested by our release agents, our lubricants, our solvents, our glues and our protective products; benefiting ORAPI PROCESS MAINTENANCE. Alone it can replace many of our competitors who have skills in any of these five areas.